Book Reviews


“Every once in a while a book comes around that reminds us of the cultural impact of investing and owning real estate. Mailbox Money Mindset will show you that owning real estate with recurring revenue has a broad impact on your family, the community and your own financial freedom. Read this book if you want to understand why many families seek to pass on the legacy of their entrepreneurial efforts through the ownership of real estate.”

—Verne Harnish
Founder and CEO of Gazelles, Inc, Founder of Entrepreneurs Organization, Author of global business best sellers Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)

“Chris Hotze’s father established a lifetime of investment discipline that turned a few rent houses into a substantial real estate portfolio late in life. Amazingly, Chris’ dad did not start investing until he was 50 years old, but the impact of his years of saving and investing continues to have impact decades later. If you are seeking a book that shares the drive and determination of those who want to invest in real estate for legacy purposes, look no further than Mailbox Money Mindset.”

— Cameron Herold 
Founder -COO Alliance, Author of Double DoubleMeetings Suck and Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs, COO creditied by Forbes Magazine for the explosive growth of 1-800-GOT-JUNK, TED Talk Speaker with over 1,600,000 views

“Chris Hotze, leveraging decades of wisdom passed on from his father, now shares the power of wealth accumulation through recurring revenue. Once established, your life transforms to one of peace, freedom and confidence. Mailbox Money Mindset lays out the roadmap; the reader then just needs to take action.”

— Jack Daly
3X Amazon best-selling author, 6X serial entrepreneur, 15X Ironman, completed over 80 marathons in all 50 States, and completed marathons on all 7 continents

“I wish I would have met Chris Hotze earlier in life and had this book to better understand the Mailbox Money Mindset. Chris’ energy, outlook, and lessons passed down from his father set the tone for a masterpiece that should be required reading for anyone wanting to leverage time, resources, and money. This book gets your mindset right about money, building serious wealth, and lessons we all need to hear.”

— Coach Micheal Burt  
12 Time Author,  Former Championship Coach, 10X Speaker, Founder of The Monster Producer coaching program 

“One of the greatest mysteries in the world is the connective relationship between a father and son. Chris will take you on a profound journey of how his father taught him how to build financial security. If you read this book you could become a spectacular investor, but if you’re lucky and wisdom floods your soul you could become an amazing son and father, or mother and daughter!”

— Paul Akers, 
Author of 2 Second Lean,
Founder and CEO of FastCap, Global Speaker, Inventor, Ironman

“I want to encourage everyone to make a point to read this book. Readers might fall into one of several categories that can benefit widely from this narrative. …owners and entrepreneurs obviously will find methods of increasing revenue without labor costs, corporate employees that are working toward a dream outside the corporate world can accelerate their path forward with several powerful, novel ideas, and those seeking more meaning in life might find a means to supporting their lifestyle while giving more time to those things held most sacred. Read this book; it’s a thought-provoking and idea churning narrative.”

— C J Kirk, 
Chief Instructor, Krav Maga Houston

“Chris Hotze is the living legacy of his father’s magnificent business career and I would highly suggest this read for any investor – the seasoned and the amateur.  Chris’s book, Mailbox Money Mindset will take you to a higher level of business mindfulness.”

—Johnny Carrabba,
Founder of Johnny Carrabba Family of Restaurants- The Original Carrabba’s, Mia’s Table, Grace’s and Common Bond Café and Bakery